She, The Wild

Why, sir,  do you tame the wild  and break her down  and round and polish her  before she may dwell on your being? . . .. . . Is she not also a creature,  as you are?  and if you are both creatures,  why must one be molded and the other the molder?  Perhaps, one […]

Golden Road

No choice: Get up. Open your desk. Go through your things— Throw away most of these memory-boxes. You cannot carry them with you. No choice. Wave goodbye. Give a hug. Watch the boxes go over the counter. Get on the plane. Choice: Chicken or Beef? Water? Soda? No choice:  Put a scarf around your head. […]

Death (death)

He is strong, And very strong. Like the darkest grey-blue undercurrent He pulls at the bonds of peaceful waters And curls them into glassy waves with his two fingers. He pries dismal wails from the lips of the afflicted, And stirs their hearts with his great mixing spoon, Scraping more into the turmoil from the […]

let quiet people be quiet (love isn’t comfortable)

Note: This care tag exercise is borrowed from Julie Lowe’s Counseling Children and Adolescents course. Do you remember those annoying clothing tags that used to make your sides itch before you cut them off? The ones your mom wrote your name on, so you wouldn’t take someone else’s uniform sweater at school? Some people actually […]